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Less Time - More Results.

Whole body vibration stimulates up to 97% of the muscles in the body. It uses built-in reflex muscle responses to maintain balance when on top of this vibration machine.

15 min. compares to 45 min. Jogging

Three Plan Vibration Machines force your whole body to balance while exercising on it. Clinic research determined that it engages up to 97% of your skeletal muscle vs. 33 % at most with traditional types of exercises.

Low impact - less pain

Because whole body vibration platforms use micro movements, it puts less stress on your joints and more into your skeletal muscle.

New Courses coming in the next few weeks.

Over whelming requests have pored in on how to use these type of machines. We decided to create a profession program that breaks down what diets and workout yielded the best results in a real world cases. 

Dr. Mike Moriearty D.C Tells His Story.

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