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Version 4

Whole Body Vibration Machine and Sandbag Products are the newest trend in functional exercise and Fat Loss. Based on over 60+ Years of research in astronaut programs from round the world.  

Whole Body Vibration Plate
iVibration Pro
Vibration machine
iVibration | Whole Body Vibration Machine
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iVibration | Whole Body Vibration Machine
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iVibration Pro Vibration Machine Version 4 | Technical Specs


  • Over 1100 WATTS of Power in a TWO motor System. 
  • Circular Osculation - 8mm Osculation with 2mm Lateral Translation 
  • Vertical Vibration (2mm) 400+ lbs capacity
  • Vertical Vibration: 10 to 45 pulses per second. 
  • Osculation: 5 - 35 pulses per second.
  • 15.8 GeForce at highest speed. 
  • Steel, and Aluminium construction. Designed to last YEARS!
  • 150+ lbs of total weight (Very Strong) - Commercial / Medical Grade Construction. Used daily in clinics all over North America for many years.  
  • Wheels located on the back of the unit, make moving it a breeze.

The iVibration Pro Whole-Body Vibration machine uses circular osculation combined with vertical vibration, to maximize a full body workout in as little as 10 min per day. Each motor is controlled separately so that you can vary the intensity of each exercise to fit your needs.

With over 1100 watts and two motors, this machine generates up to 15+ G Force

You get a 3-year Limited warranty that covers Faulty Parts. 

We provide a 30-day return policy for you to test our vibration plate. If it doesn't meet your needs, you can return it.


New Dual Motor System that maximizes Muscle Activation. One of the Strongest Vibration Machines on the market. 

NEW Version IV is are our Strongest vibration plate to date.


A science-based exercise system that WORKS! No more hour-long workouts needed. A 10 to 15-minute workout that is comparable to 45 minutes on a treadmill. Adding Sandbags to your routine GREATLY improves your workout intensity. See results like never before.



Complete NEW courses coming soon.

Guaranteed to Help you get the most out of your vibration plate.

iVibration | Whole Body Vibration Machine iFit Exercise SandBag | For Cross-Fit designed Workouts iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Variable Weight Sandbags NEW COURSE ON HOW TO USE WHOLE BODY VIBRATION | EXERCISES, DIET AND MUCH MORE

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iVibration Pro

Eight+ Years Now

We have been designing and manufacturing WBV for over 8 plus years now. 


"I called and spoke with Dr. Mike and he explained the benefits of his machine and how it would benefit us. We received the iVibration Pro quickly after we ordered. Set up was a breeze and we were up and trying it out in no time. We have used it everyday and I can tell that my legs and arms are getting more toned and I only use it 10 minutes a day. I can tell that I am breathing harder afterwards like you would with a cardio workout. I am definitely getting some benefits from the machine.

Charles B.

"My balance was not what it should be. I am 70 and since using my i vibration Pro I can now stand on 1 foot (have lost toes 2 on each foot) without falling. My core has tightened stomach is now flat still working 2 times a day and I feel since I started using it my health has improved. It was well worth the price. I looked at others but the i Vibration was the best in my opinion. Very happy with it."

Hilda B

I have severe diabetic neuropathy in my feet going all the way up to my knees. The machined helps me with my blood circulation and has kept it from getting worse over the last 3 years. It's amazing when a product does what it says it will do.Thank you."

Sandy Y

I love this machine!!!!!!!! I'm using it every other day for 20 mins, really helping my low back pain, vertical issue. I'd love to refer this machine to others.

Vicky B

I wanted a machine that was different from the weights I saw at every gym and didn't take up as much room in my house, and I wanted something for my weak lower back and problematic knees. I got both and I am a lot stronger for it. I love my Vibration Machine!

Lorena J

I was looking for a core and total body toner. My rating on the machine is 10 out of 10.

Sandy Y

iVibration Pro

Complete Body Workouts.

Unlike other machines out today, Vibration plates active up to 97% of muscle fiber recruitment during exercises. 

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