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NEW Dual Motor Units

New Dual Motor System to maximize Muscle Activation. One of the Strongest Vibration Machine on the market. 

NEW Version IV are our Strongest vibration plate to date.

A science-based exercise system that WORKS! No more hour long workout needed. A 10 to 15 minute workout that are comparable to 45 min on a treadmill. Add Sandbags to your routine GREATLY improves workout intensity. See results like never before.

NEW courses coming in April 2019

NEW complete courses coming soon.

Guaranteed to Help you fully understand how to get the most are your vibration plate

-Whole Body Explained-

Video collection explaining Whole Body Vibration

Blog posts

Vibration Plates and Brain Damage!

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

Effects with Whole Body Vibration on the Brain. Can vibration plates produce enough jarring forces to cause brains Da...

How to PICK the right Vibration PLATE!

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

When it comes to choosing a vibration plate, there are a few crucial things you need to know the first things you nee...

Goals | Weight Loss and Much MORE! IMPORTANT

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

Setting goals with anything are the difference between success or failure!  Miracles only happen when you know what i...

Vibration Plates and Colon Health | HOW and WHY!

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

Vibration Plates and Colon Health. Why it HELPS. This video will explain the basics to Colon Health and why Vibration...

Whole body vibration machine and Testosterone therapy.

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

Whole body vibration machine and Testosterone therapy. Is this a GOOD THING?

Vibration Plate Machines or Treadmills

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

Vibration Plate Machines vs. Treadmills | WHY they're different and Why VIBRATION as more Health advantages.

5 Incredible FACTS- about Whole Body Vibration Machines

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

  Vibration platforms were Used by the USSR space program. Scientist Vladimir Nazarov One: Late 1800’s Dr. John ...

Whole Body Vibration Machine | 10 CONTRADICTIONS

Dr. Mike Moriearty DC

10 medical conditions you need to know before using a Vibration machine. 1. Don't use vibration machine while pregn...


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