Gain Muscle and Lose Fat with Vibration Plates: Explained!

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat with Vibration Plates: Explained!

I have a short video that goes over straightforward and basic principles, that explain how whole body vibration plates target different muscle fiber types. I cover some basic information on how these different muscle fibers utilize energy, in the form of calories and fat. 

The three muscle fiber types are: 

* Slow twitch: It is the most efficient muscle type. This muscle tissue is the main type used for walking, jogging, yoga, hiking, riding a bike and working out with weights.

* Fast Twitch: This muscle fiber is for explosive movements, like sprinting, punching heavy bags, many CrossFit exercises, plus other activities that require a quick burst of speed.

* Super-fast twitch: These muscle fibers are involuntary type movements in the body. Used for things like balancing, touching a hot stove and automatically jerk your hand away. These reflex type muscle fibers use the most amount of energy. Vibration plates that can generate a strong enough vibration will activate this muscle type. When this muscle tissue is pushed to its limits, it engages the slow and fast twitch fibers.

The right vibration platform can engage up to 97% of the muscle fibers in the area being exercised.

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  • Toby

    Good info. Brother! Most have no clue about whole body vibration! I have a unit and it’s invredible!

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