How did Whole Body Vibration Start?

How did Whole Body Vibration Start?

People don't realize that the originator of whole body vibration was Dr. Kellogg. That’s right, the developer of the cornflake and other breakfast cereals.

Dr. Kellogg was an inventor back in the late 1800s. He developed a lot of crazy things. One thing that he did right was whole body vibration and its benefits in therapy.

In the early 60s, the East Germans and the Soviet Union started substantial research into the effect’s that vibration has on the body.

The Soviet Union incorporated vibration training with cosmonauts to overcome the effects of zero gravity on the body.

A short time later they started incorporating vibration workouts with Olympic athletes. Russian scientists discovered that vibration reduces injury time by increasing circulation in the affected areas that were injured.

It was only in the late 80s, when we Joined the Soviet Union to share the Space Station, that we learned about whole body vibration. 

Whole body vibration machines are used in clinics, professional sports teams and in weight loss centers around the world.

This video explains more. 

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