vibration machine

Vibration Machine - 5 FACTS that make it Different - Benefits Explained!

Whole body vibration machines and 5 facts that make them different.

Whole Body Vibration Machine WORKOUTS VS. REHAB! BIG DIFFERENCE!

Whole body vibration workouts compared to rehabilitation for health and wellness is not the same. Video explains!

Why are there Different Vibration Machine Types?

Video Explain MORE! Whole body vibration machine's come with different types of vibration. Not all vibration plate to the same. Some are more focused on rehab, and others are more of a workout type Vibration pattern.

Whole Body Vibration Stretching & Core Work

Basic stretches and core strengthening exercises. The video covers Basic ways to strengthen the core along with stretching to help with back problems.

Vibration Plates and Brain Damage!

Effects with Whole Body Vibration on the Brain. Can vibration plates produce enough jarring forces to cause brains Damage? Whole body vibration produces around the same jarring forces the jogging.

How to PICK the right Vibration PLATE!

When it comes to choosing a vibration plate, there are a few crucial things you need to know the first things you need to know first. Whole body vibration generates a lot of force creates a lot of force so what's crucial so what's vital to make sure that your machine is built with the highest quality material.

Vibration Plates and Colon Health | HOW and WHY!

Vibration Plates and Colon Health. Why it HELPS. This video will explain the basics to Colon Health and why Vibration machine is so powerful!

Whole body vibration machine and Testosterone therapy

Whole body vibration machine and Testosterone therapy. Is this a GOOD THING?

Vibration Plate Machines or Treadmills

Vibration Plate Machines vs. Treadmills | WHY they're different and Why VIBRATION as more Health advantages.

5 Incredible FACTS about Whole Body Vibration Machines

    Vibration platforms were Used by the USSR space program. Scientist Vladimir Nazarov  One: In the late 1800s, Dr....

Whole Body Vibration Machine | 10 CONTRADICTIONS

10 medical conditions to be aware of and pay attention to before assessing whether to use a Vibration machine.  1. D...

Vibration Plates Changed My Life

Doing whole body vibration workouts has helped me to recover from over seven years of severe back problems. My iVib...
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