Vibration Plate Machines or Treadmills


Vibration Plate Machines vs. Treadmills | How they're different and Why Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offers more Health benefits! 
Vibration plates Force the body to use a faster muscle fiber type. These faster

Vibration plates force the body to use a faster muscle fiber type. These faster muscle types burn 3 to 5 times more calories than your slow twitch muscle type, which are commonly used with treadmills.

Vibration machines, when used correctly, are some of the most efficient machines when it comes to burning unwanted body fat. Whole body vibration has been used in rehabilitation for over 30 years.

Starting in German and Soviet Olympic training facilities and later ending up in the cosmonaut space program, whole body vibration machines are now used in home fitness situations. 

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