Vibration Plates and Brain Damage!

Vibration Plates and Brain Damage!


Vibration Plates and Brain Damage!

Can Vibration Plates cause BRAIN DAMAGE?

What are the effects of Whole Body Vibration on the Brain? Can vibration plates produce enough jarring forces to cause brain Damage?

Whole body vibration produces around the same jarring forces as jogging.

"The Saucony shoe company reports: For example, a person weighing (150 pounds) can experience forces of up to seven times their body weight or 4700 newtons (1000 pounds)." 

 A high-quality vibration plate at moderate speeds only generates about 5 to 6G force. (ours maxes out at 16 G-force) Running on a hard surface will produce as much impact style forces as any vibration machine. Most whole-body vibration plates only have OSCULATING as the primary motion; this produces for lesser jarring effect than bilateral vibration only platforms do. The brain has a built-in suspension system for down to up forces. Lateral jarring movements create a condition that causes the brain to compress against the skull. This is called COUP \ CONTRECOUP INJURY. (Bruising of the brain).

New research NOW shows how vibration can help patients with brain injury.

New research NOW shows how it helps patients with brain injury. 

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