Whole Body Vibration and Back Pain?


Whole body vibration plates have been used for rehab in clinics for over ten years. The ability to loosen up the body helps with the chiropractic adjustment. 

Exercises that strengthen your core muscles will help improve posture and range of motion. 

The iVibration Pro has triangular oscillation and spiral type Vibration motion.

There is a 2mm vertical lift with 8mm of osculation. 

This type of movement generates up to 15+ Gforce. With this much energy produced, the workout is quick and efficient. 

 The core or trunk of the body contains 24 vertebrae that rest on your pelvis. 

The intense vibration forces the core muscles to balance the body to prevent falls. This action activates the reflex muscles in the body to respond to movement. 

The great thing about this is, this tissue type burns the greatest number of calories when compared to the other two muscle types. 


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  • Do you ship to London UK ?
    What are the charges ?
    Do you sell on Amazon ?

    Ashwin Bhindi

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