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iVibration Pro Vibration Machine Technical Specs.
  1. Two - One Horsepower motors
  2. Circular osculation (8mm) 2 plain of motion (2mm lateral translation)
  3. Vertical Vibration (2mm) 1 plain of motion
  4. 400+ lbs capacity
  5. Amplitude: 5 to 35 pulses per second 
  6. Theoretical Force is determined to be 16 GeForce.
  7. Steal and aluminum construction.
  8. 140+ lbs in weight 

Wheels on back motor section for easy movement.

Whole Body Vibration machine with circular osculation and vertical vibration for maximum energy to create full workout that gets results. With 2hp between 2 electric motots that canachine generate up to 15+ gForce. You get a 3 year warrenty that covers everything. 

We have a 30 day period to test our vibration plate. If it dosn't meet your needed, Will take it back.

iFit Vibration Machine 


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