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iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Sandbags for Whole Body Vibration

iFit LifeStyle

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iFit Kettlebell Sandbag used with Vibration Plates work perfect together. It works as a fuctional exercise that work the whole body. Kettlebell sandbag used with vibration create an awesome workouts. 

Made with 1080 D vinyl and three layers protection. This S can hold anywhere from 2 pounds to over 40 pounds by just adding or reducing sand from the the sand Bladder in side the Kettle Bag. 

1. 3 Year guarantee.

2. 1080D twin layered older shell vinyl.

3. Reinforce zippers and Velcro.

4. Inter bladder that adds a third layer of protection.

5. Two handle configuration with this sandbag to provide diversity with your exercise. 


iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Sandbags for Whole Body Vibration

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