About Dr. Mike

Here’s Dr. Mike Moriearty D.C (ret.) story on how he found Whole Body Vibration.

I started exercising over 35 years ago. I tried almost every diet and exercise program out there. It seems every month there's a new miracle weight loss product that comes out, claiming to change the world. Then there's the next new thing that comes out and claims the same thing. After 30 years, I've seen almost everything.

Whole Body Vibration is new to most people
, although this type of equipment isn't new. Heck, it's been around longer than treadmills.

I saw my first Whole Body vibration plate in the mid to late 2000s while working in a clinic in New

My mind was blown away on just how effective the workout was. From that day on, I was a believer.

Now I design and sell the iVibration Pro. 

"Looking back, if I didn't walk into the training room of the Saints training facility, I might not be here today."

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