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I started exercising regularly over 30 years ago. I tried just about every diet and exercise program out there. It seems every year there is a new thing that's going to change the world. Then there's the next new thing that claims the same thing. After 30 years of seeing this endless circle, I just gave up. 

I know Whole Body Vibration new to most people. This type of equipment isn't new. Heck, it's been around longer than treadmills.

I saw my first vibration plate in the mid to late 2000's when I work in a clinic that worked with the New Orleans Saints football team. I have blown away after trying one out there. They were not as strong as ours, but I felt the potential these crazy things could do. 

12 years later. Here I am. Selling a system that I designed. Looking back, if I didn't look in the training room of the Saints. I might not be here today.  

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