iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Variable Weight Sandbags

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Product image 1iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Variable Weight Sandbags - iVibration Pro
Product image 2iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Variable Weight Sandbags - iVibration Pro
Product image 3iFit KettleBell Sandbag - Variable Weight Sandbags - iVibration Pro

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The iFit Kettlebell Exercise Sandbag is a durable triple-layered Sandbag for maximum durability. When used with Vibration Plates, they work perfectly together to create unbelievable workouts.

Used for a functional type exercise, it works the whole body. Kettlebell workouts are considered, by many professionals, as one of the best complete body workouts just like whole body vibration.

"When combined together, this setup makes for one of the most intense and motivating workouts I’ve ever tried".  Dr. Mike

Made with 1080D vinyl material for an extra layer of protection, 1080D is one of the strongest materials available. Most high-quality luggage is made from this material. This Sandbag can hold from 2 pounds to over 40+ pounds at its highest weight, enabling you to add or remove sand to vary the weight to suit your exercise.

  1. 3 Year Warranty
  2. 1080D dual-layered vinyl outer case, with an internal bladder that makes up the third layer of protection.  
  3. Reinforced zippers and Velcro.
  4. Inter bladder adds a third layer of protection to prevent sand from leaking out.
  5. Two handle configurations to provide diversity with your exercise.
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